Broadway Bares 2019
Take Off
Directed by:
Laya Barak

Raises a record breaking


See how it all began at SPLASH in 1992. For a $100.00 donation, you can own a copy of Jerry baring it all that very first night.
Broadway Bares X
10 Years of Sass, Class & Ass
Directed by Jerry Mitchell

After ten years, it was time to bring back some of the most talked-about numbers and strippers in this “Best of” retrospective. The fun was in seeing how old favorites were transformed. There were now more than 150 dancers. There was a costume designer for every number. Three runways under rockstar lighting allowed more in the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd the chance to tip the dancers of their choice. And fundraising records were still being broken with a take of $283,000 for the 2000 edition. It had been clear for several years that the Broadway Bares combination of gorgeous bodies, tongue-in-cheek humor, and confident performances was a hit. Now it was delivered by an expert creative and technical team with production values to rival any show on Broadway!

“I doubt there is a more exuberant evening on Broadway than the annual Broadway Bares benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS…

Broadway Bares… is all about what theater people do best – work together to put on one hell of a show. On many levels, it is the ultimate inside theater evening, as everyone involved in the show donated their time and their talent, and it’s being performed for an audience largely made up of show people. The result is a series of production numbers performed with such a high level of energy that one can’t help being swept up in the excitement…

And, of course everyone strips. Gypsy Rose Lee must somewhere feel vindicated because as a form of entertainment, the strip has never looked better or been more appealing. In the 10 or so numbers that make up the show, the challenge seems to be just how far one can go without baring all. From g-strings to hats to shaving cream, this year’s productions all seemed to push the limits as far as possible. Of course, in a world where full frontal nudity isn’t a shock any more, covering the privates of a dozen guys with shaving cream is more artful than titillating, and the curiosity is not about what one will see but how the all too common will be hidden. The strip, its seems has arrived.

Each number is more over the top than the last, and, appropriately, the entire show seems not to celebrate sex but to celebrate life and health and the ability to dance. When confronting AIDS, this is a a powerful and compelling message – and it adds to the appreciation of the evening, linking performers and audience in an understated but highly powerful way.

A particularly difficult lift is met with the same kind of audience reaction that greets a star turn by Lilias White or Linda Eder. The whole event is suffused with a kind of understanding and appreciation of the amazing talent of the Broadway Community who gives every thing it has eight times a week, and then finds more to give for people living with HIV and AIDS.

Small wonder that Broadway Bares is one of the most exciting evenings I’ve spent in the theatre in a along time.”

– Christopher Byrne, Lesbian & Gay New York, June 29th, 2000.

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