Broadway Bares 2019
Take Off
Directed by:
Laya Barak

Raises a record breaking


See how it all began at SPLASH in 1992. For a $100.00 donation, you can own a copy of Jerry baring it all that very first night.
Broadway Bares XI
2004: A Strip Odyssey
Directed by Jerry Mitchell

Broadway Bares entered the new millennium with “2001: A Strip Odyssey” daring to go where no Bares had gone before—outer space! Inspired by campy 50s and 60s sci-? movies like Barbarella and Forbidden Planet, it was an interplanetary romp featuring stimulated robots, alien geishas, space cowboys, and of course, the shining stars of the Broadway Bares stage. Aerial and special effects artists brought sex to sci-?. The makeup and hair departments took fantasy to new levels. And it was all tied together with a plot to ?nd the Power-Pasties and rid the planet of the evil Decency Commission—leading to Frank ‘n’ Furter himself and secret agent 36-24-36, played by Broadway and nighttime soap star Michele Lee!

Eleven years ago, then-chorus boy Jerry Mitchell was getting a lot of attention for baring his butt nightly in The Will Rogers Follies when he thought, “Hmm…” That spark of inspiration has led to one of the most popular benefit events of every Broadway season, Broadway Bares, in which the theater world’s sexiest and healthiest bodies take it all off for a good cause: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. This year, what was once just a naughty burlesque even had a bit of a plot thanks to The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife scribe Charles Busch. Okay, “plot” might be a strong word for it, but there were actual characters and a through-line. Ultimately, what the crowds came for was the comraderie of the evening and the sexy display of charity. The final total came to more than $340,000 nearly $60,000 more than last year’s total!!

-Excerpt from BROADWAY.COM

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