Broadway Bares 2019
Take Off
Directed by:
Laya Barak

Raises a record breaking


See how it all began at SPLASH in 1992. For a $100.00 donation, you can own a copy of Jerry baring it all that very first night.
Broadway Bares XII
A Comic Strip
Directed by Jerry Mitchell

After 9/11, New York City was holding out for a hero and Broadway Bares was happy to oblige. It was Wham! Bam! Pow! as superheroes of the stripping kind were invented for “A Comic Strip,” inspired by the graphic genius of comic books and funny pages. Form-fitting spandex, whether on or off the ecdysiasts, never looked so good. With top notch production values to uphold, a creative team of twenty-five people and 180 dancers to stage manage, the event now took six to nine months to plan. Director Jerry Mitchell was working with a team of talented choreographers to create the show. Their challenge was to find a way to answer the question: Can a strip show save the world and comfort a city? The $402,000 raised said, yes, Broadway Bares

Broadway Bares XII: A Comic Strip played to two packed-to-the-rafters, sold out houses on Sunday, June 16th. The event raised a record $400,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and featured 167 of Broadway’s finest and fiercest dancers. Conceived and directed by Jerry Mitchell, the production celebrated the themes and characters of comic books as costumes ranging from capes and spandex to thongs and pasties were stripped off some of the best bodies in show business. Broadway Bares XII: A Comic Strip will probably be the only show ever where one could witness the aerial artistry of the world’s first openly gay superhero group, “The Rainbow Guard”, take in Olive Oyl in drag leading a chorus of randy sailor boys to “In The Navy” and watch 3 Cat Woman reveal the leather fantasies of Josie and the Pussycats. Other highlights included the Wonder Woman Fashion Show, Jughead doing his best Michael Jackson imitation to “Bad” and a private look at the goings-on in Stately Wayne Manor. The event once again concluded with the dancers lining the stage for “Rotation” where they go-go danced for tips and greeted the audience. There must have been plenty of good will in the crowd, as by the end of the evening , those tips accounted for over $11,000 of the night’s grand total.

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