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Stripper of the Month

Madison Ingles


Full given name:
Madison Ingles


First Broadway show you saw:
Oz starring Eartha Kitt and Mickey Rooney on tour in Columbus. I was mesmerized. The first Broadway show I saw in NYC was Hairspray.


Favorite part you’ve played onstage:
Prince Charming


Dream role:
It doesn’t match my vocal ability. Lol. I would lipsynch and act Evan Hansen down.


Favorite activities:
Cooking, traveling, creating movement, watching movies, YouTubing about outer space.


Favorite books:
Harry Potter start to finish (no favorites), Holes, Joan Rivers: Men Are Stupid and Like Big Breasts.

Favorite movies:
Wizard of Oz, Perfect Storm, Chronicles of Narnia, Holes, Chicago, Armageddon, Salt, Gravity, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.


Favorite television shows:
Real Housewives (all franchises), Golden Girls, Flavor Of Love, Grace & Frankie, Reality TV anything really…

People you admire:
All of the women in my life. My mom, my grandmothers, and my sister. She’s 20 and my biggest inspiration in life.

Favorite song to strip to:
Showdown- Britney Spears or Hella Good- No Doubt. It’s a tie.


Sexiest city in the world:
That I’ve been to? Berlin. It’s a different kind of sexy though. Or the obvious moment of Miami. Never fails.


Celebrity crush:
Joan Rivers.

Guilty pleasures:
YouTube. It’s like an endless amount of pure entertainment mixed with history and knowledge.

Greatest personal ambition:
To travel the world on my own accord aside from doing so for work. My own pace and my own adventures.


If you could have three wishes, what would they be?:
Each of the three wishes would be to have three more. I’d give one away. And then I’d decide what those 11 would be. 11 is half of 22, which is half of 44, which is my lucky number.

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