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Stripper of the Month

Marija Abney


Full given name:
Marija Abney

Nope…my name is one of my most cherished possessions. If we ever meet, I’d gladly tell you why.

First Broadway show you saw:
‘Spring Awakening, I was late to the party.


Favorite part you’ve played onstage:
Aida from Lynn Nottage’s The Wedding Dance in Chris Gattelli’s “In Your Arms” at The Old Globe.


Dream role:
A strong, vulnerable, complicated, ambitious black woman.


Favorite activities:
I LOVE blowing bubbles!!! Especially the giant ones that you make with hemp string!


Favorite books:
Americanah, oooo and Little Bee was great!

Favorite movies:
The Incredibles.


Favorite television shows:
The Wire, Dexter, Golden Girls, Sanford and Son


People you admire:
Viola Davis, Regina King (love love love her), my niece.


Favorite song to strip to:
Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”.


Sexiest city in the world:
Any city in WAKANDA.


Celebrity crush:
Janelle Monae.

Guilty pleasures:
I fucking love desserts (except chocolate and coffee)!

Greatest personal ambition:
You’ll see when I make it happen.


If you could have three wishes, what would they be?:
“1. I always wish for more courage, I’m getting there.

2. For my nieces to always be seen, heard, and appreciated. Living at this intersection isn’t always easy.

3. Lastly, to eradicate colonization, more specifically to prevent colonizers from ever stepping foot in Africa. The effects of foreigners robbing a continent of its people, its resources, its history are immeasurable (poverty, disease, war…). What would the world look like if black and brown were respected as the descendants that they are, descendants of royalty, wealth and genius?!? Imagine the pride melanated children would carry. Imagine the effect on the world!”


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